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Product ID: TLW017
TLW017 - 2 Piece Double Blade Halberd
TLW017 - 2 Piece Double Blade Halberd

2 Piece Double Blade Halberd ( New)

Specially designed with 2 pieces and comes with a carrying case to easily carry around when traveling or training. By purchasing this 2 piece Double Blade Halberd, you will save money on shipping/traveling for competitions.

  • Double Blade Halberd is one variation of halberd type weapons. Halberds were commonly used as both infantry and cavalry weapons.
  • Double Blade Halberd features a rigid sprign steel head, with the classic cresent blade on each side.
  • The shaft is wood, painted a deep earth color, and features a pointed counter weight for superior balance..
  • This is a moderate weight weapon, great for both traditional and contemporary stlyes.
  • Double Blade Halberd also looks impresive as a decoration in your home or martial arts school.
  • Blade lenght - 15 inch
  • Blade width - 15 inch
  • Overall length - 74 inch
  • Total weight - 3.5 lbs
Price: $89.95

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A very cute and interesting long Wushu weapon

- December 09th 2012

This double blade halberd is handy dandy to use due to the medium wt. and length of itself. The rigid blade/head makes the whole weapon look powerful. You can chop, poke, block, sweep, etc. even in a regular size living room without knocking down anything. You won't get tired easily either. It seems that only Kung Fu Direct carries this cute good old Chinese weapon. I am glad that I finally bought this weapon for both playing and decoration after trying to make a decision of purchase for several months. I like Kung Fu Direct for carefully doing the packing of this oversize weapon. It came to my house via FedEx perfectly.

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