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Product ID: TDS004
Traditional SanHuang Pear Wood Broadsword - Heavy Metal
Traditional SanHuang Pear Wood Broadsword - Heavy Metal

TDS004- SanHuang Huali Wood Broadsword-Heavy Metal , (
 Free padded Carrying Case)
Manufacturer: Shen Guang Long.

The SanHuang Huali Wood Broadsword is a traditional broadsword with a firm blade (Non-Bendable) made from high-quality 3CR13 Stainless steel. This sword is designed for the true traditional martial artist.Trimmed with high quality pear wood. This sword is great for tai chi and traditional kung fu. Includes flag, scabbards as shown.

Now available in 4 sizes! 

Blade Length

Total Length

Sword Weight

Sword & Scabbard Weight

28.5 inch

37 inch

2.2 lb

5.0 lb

30 inch

39 inch

2.3 lb

5.1 lb

31.5 inch

41 inch

2.4 lb

5.2 lb

33 inch

43 inch

2.5 lb

5.3 lb 

*Because swords are handmade, they vary slightly in length and weight.

Price: $189.95

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Great Product

- September 30th 2017

The quality and workmanship exceeded my expectations. The sword has excellent balance and weight. It just felt right as I was going through my form. The grip is sturdy without any wobble. I would note that there is no edge on the blade, which wasn't something I needed/expected anyway. I highly recommend this item.

Decent but lighter than expected

- March 25th 2012

This broadsword is decent, the wood is exceptionally good and the brass fittings are really "golden" in color compare to the cheaper versions. Very classy if you put a spot light over it. The broadsword comes abit loose but you can tighten it easily with by removing the pommel (unscrew nut) and there is a nut inside there to be tighten up with a wrench. Great balance and the handle is carved very nice for a nice grip and great for chopping action.

This is the weapon in action!


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